Caspar Geerlings

Project Manager / Developer

About me

Hi, my name is Caspar Geerlings. I'm a Software Engineer with a great passion for Mobile Development and I love creating cool products!

In my spare time, you will often find me either working on my own projects or brainstorming about new ideas or concepts. I care a lot about user experience and about the "look and feel" of products. That's why designing apps is one of my great hobbies besides coding. Other hobbies are sports and traveling.

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Full service development

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Great ideas and concepts are the fundamentals of a great product. Together with the client, I help developing simple ideas and wishes into a concrete and well thought-out idea.

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Concept & Design

After an idea is thought out well, it is time to visualize the concept. By creating wireframes and prototypes, I can simulate the app flow with the client before touching any code.

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As soon as the prototype is approved by the client, it's time to build the app. While working in sprints, clients can track the progress of the development. If needed, I can also distribute the app in the store.

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After an app is distributed, I will provide 24/7 service to (former) customers. If a bug or crash is reported, I will update the app as soon as possible.


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